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What are the Top 3 Burger Spots Near San Luis Obispo?

3 Best Burger Places Near San Luis Obispo, CA

Who wouldn’t love munching on a few delicious burgers on a Saturday evening? If you have cheese fries and cold drinks by your side, then this turns into a sumptuous meal all by itself. There are plenty of burger spots in the San Luis Obispo area, but not all offer a brilliant experience. So, how would you find out which restaurants do? 

To simplify this research job for you, our team at Toyota San Luis Obispo in San Luis Obispo, CA, who is also a crazy burger fan, has drilled down three best burger places in the area. All you have to do is try them out and experience them for yourself. Meanwhile, as you are here on this page, do check out our massive Toyota inventory via the corresponding button available below. We have new vehicles such as the 2022 Toyota Camry and more. Keep reading to find the list of three top burger joints in the San Luis Obispo area in California.

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3 Delicious Burger Places in San Luis Obispo, CA

The following are the three burger places that we feel are on top of their game in the San Luis Obispo area. Check them out and let us know.

Burger Village

Though this place offers delicious burgers and drinks, it is highly regarded for its amazing staff. The overall atmosphere at this joint is lively. With a whole lot of vegan options, this place attracts all types of foodies. Check this out!


This place looks small in size. However, the taste and quality of food available here are top-notch. Burgers are the highlight of the menu. On top of comfort food, they serve vegan food as well, which is a bonus. This place needs to be explored!

Eddie’s Grill

Love having burgers and cheese-garlic fries at a nominal price but of high quality and taste? If yes, then this place is surely for foodies like you. With a solid customer base and amazing choices on the menu, this joint is one of the most popular burger places in the area.

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