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How to Road Trip with My Dog?

Top Three Tips for Safe Car Travel with Dogs  

Traveling with your dog might sound intimidating, but it is easier than you think. Road trips give you the freedom to enjoy the great outdoors with the entire family without having to keep your dog behind. The best way to travel with your furry four-legged travel companion is to be prepared and follow a few good practices. At Toyota San Luis Obispo in San Luis Obispo, CA, we have listed three tips that might help you travel with your pup. Continue reading and learn more.  

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Three Best Practices to Follow when Travelling with a Dog  

  1. Restrain your Dog While Driving  

When traveling with a dog, you must ensure safety by securing your dog in a crate. If that is not possible, try a seat belt, particularly made for dogs. A dog who is not restrained in a crash could be ejected from the vehicle or be injured by an airbag. Furthermore, it is essential for driver and passenger safety; if the dog gets excited or nervous and starts to bounce around the vehicle, the distraction can lead to an accident.   

  1. Pet Travel Kit  

Like your travel bag, a kit for driving with dogs must be carried. This bag should have snacks, drinks, stuff for entertainment, grooming supplies, a leash, waste bags, and any necessary medications. There is a chance that you might miss out on the things that you need, so you must make a list and check it before every trip.   

  1. Keep Him Hydrated and Comfortable  

You might drive continuously to reach your destination quickly, but a long trip with no breaks isn’t fair to your dog. Carry jugs or bottled water for your pet and stop for a water break, giving the dog a chance to stretch his legs and relieve himself — every few hours. It’s good to plan out your stops in advance to ensure that he will have amble grass to relieve himself.  

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