Two 2023 Toyota 4Runner side by side

How Does the 2023 Toyota 4Runner Perform?

2023 Toyota 4Runner Engine and Performance  

Toyota introduces the 2023 4Runner with trail-breaking capabilities and off-road pedigree. The 2023 Toyota 4Runner is unlike most other mid-size crossovers and SUVs because it is a more old-school truck than a new-age car. It comes with a pickup-truck body but boasts legitimate off-road capability. Continue reading this blog by Toyota San Luis Obispo in San Luis Obispo, CA, and learn more about the 2023 Toyota 4Runner.  

2023 Toyota 4Runner exterior front look
2023 Toyota 4Runner driving through a stream

Key Performance Features of the 2023 Toyota 4Runner  

Every 2023 4Runner comes with a 270-hp 4.0-liter V-6 engine with a five-speed automatic transmission. This vehicle is available with rear-wheel drive and full or four-wheel drive systems that provide remarkable acceleration taking 7.7 seconds to hit 60 mph. The 2023 Toyota 4Runner has notable ground clearance, and its body-on-frame construction is supported by a soft suspension that reasonably absorbs several terrains.   

Part-Time 4WD- The available 4WDsystem provides high- and low-range options giving drivers more control of your 2023 4Runner.   

Full-Time 4WD- Drivers will find a standard full-time 4WD that helps to give optimal traction for every drive. All you have to do is focus on the road, and when the road gets challenging, the 4WD automatically sends power to the wheel that requires the most.   

Max Towing Capacity of 5000-Lb.- Now, venturing into some of nature’s toughest ranges does not mean you need to leave things behind, thanks to 2023 4Runner’s ability to towing up to 5000 lbs.   

TRD Sport X-REAS Suspension- Featuring X-REAS Sport Enhancement Suspension, the TRD Sport allows you to confidently corner and carve through roads without breaking a sweat.   

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Drivers who want to buy the 2023 Toyota 4Runner can visit Toyota San Luis Obispo in San Luis Obispo, CA, and get all the information on the vehicle. You can also take the vehicle for a test drive to see how it feels to drive the vehicle before purchasing it. 

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