2020 Toyota Tundra pickup truck

What Are the Engine Specs and Highlights of the 2020 Toyota Tundra?

2020 Toyota Tundra Engine Options 

If you’re looking for a truck that’s built tough and has the power to spare, then look no further than the 2020 Toyota Tundra. Backed by decades of Toyota engineering and innovation, the capable Toyota Tundra truck delivers some of the best performance in its class. Keep reading to learn more about this masterfully engineered truck when we review each of the 2020 Toyota Tundra engine options and specs!

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2020 Toyota Tacoma grey parked outside cabin on gravel

2020 Toyota Tacoma Technology Features

The 2020 Toyota Tacoma doesn’t have the most recent redesign of its class, but the exterior isn’t all that matters. Last redesigned in 2016, the 2020 model year of the Toyota Tacoma was ready to update its interior with the kind of technology car buyers look for in a new car. There is far too much technology to list in one blog post but read on to learn about some of the best features you can find available on the midsize pickup.  

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2020 Toyota Camry white and red driving around corner on asphalt

How Fuel Efficient is the 2020 Toyota Camry?

The Toyota Camry is no doubt one of the most well-known and popular sedans. The Camry has ruled the roads for decades because of its convenient size, fair price, and fuel efficiency. Despite only using a traditional gasoline engine, the non-hybrid version of the 2020 Camry can still reach up to 41 MPG on the highway. That means it’s not just fuel-efficient, it’s one of the best when it comes to saving money at the pump. Each trim level of the Camry gets slightly different MPG than the others, so the rest of this post uses the L, XLE, and XSE trim levels as examples. 

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2020 Toyota Highlander on city street

Just How Big is the Cargo Area of the 2020 Toyota Highlander?

2020 Toyota Highlander Cargo Space  

Among the largest and most powerful SUVs in the Toyota lineup, the Toyota Highlander is a remarkable choice for families looking for a dependable commuter with endless perks to go with it. Whether you’re looking for something to manage luggage for the whole family or just want enough space to help check off items in your honey-do list, the 2020 Toyota Highlander provides a suitable amount of cargo space to streamline your routine. 

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