The Truth About Hybrids

Hybrid vehicles use an electric motor and a gasoline engine. This combination is what gives hybrids the ability to have such great gas mileage. However, fully understanding hybrids can be confusing!

There are many misconceptions about hybrids, although the majority of hybrid vehicles do not need to be treated any differently than normal gas powered vehicles. One myth about hybrids is that they need to be plugged in to recharge their battery. Unless the vehicle is specifically a “plug-in” hybrid, it does not and cannot be plugged in. The electric motor utilizes a large battery pack that is recharged while the vehicle is in use. The battery pack regains energy through the gas engine and the brakes.

Another myth about hybrids is that they need special care or extra maintenance. This is also false, with the vast majority of hybrid vehicles not needing any special or more frequent treatment than regular cars.

Hybrid vehicles even have advantages over electric vehicles. Battery packs can be very large, heavy and expensive. The combination of electric and gasoline energy, allow for hybrids to be more reasonably priced and lighter weight than all electric vehicles. In fact, most Toyota hybrids are less than $2,000 more than their gasoline counterparts.

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